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Read the publications which outline the science behind PredictImmune’s groundbreaking prognostic tools.

A blood-based prognostic biomarker in inflammatory bowel disease.

Biasci D. , Lee J.C., Noor N.M., Pombal D.R., Lewis N, Ahmad T, Hart A, Parkes MMcKinney E.F., Lyons P.A., Smith K.G.C. | 2019 | BMJ Journals

From Big Data to Precision Medicine. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2019.00034

Tim Hulsen, Saumya S. Jamuar, Alan R. Moody, Jason H. Karnes, Orsolya Varga, Stine Hedensted, Roberto Spreafico, David A. Hafler and Eoin F. McKinney | 2019 | Frontiers in Medicine

PRedicting Outcomes For Crohn’s dIsease using a moLecular biomarkEr (PROFILE): protocol for a multicentre, randomised, biomarker-stratified trial. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026767

Miles Parkes, Nurulamin M Noor, Francis Dowling, Harvey Leung, Simon Bond, Lynne Whitehead, Sara Upponi, Paul Kinnon, Andrew P Sandham, Paul A Lyons, Eoin F McKinney, Kenneth G C Smith   |    2018    |    BMJ

Genome-wide association study identifies distinct genetic contributions to prognosis and susceptibility in Crohn’s disease. Nat Genet 49:262-268.

Lee JC, Biasci D, Roberts R, Gearry RB, Mansfield JC, Ahmad T, Prescott NJ, Satsangi J, Wilson DC, Jostins L, Anderson CA, Consortium UIG, Traherne JA, Lyons PA, Parkes M, Smith KG.   |    2017    |    PubMed

T cell exhaustion and immune-mediated disease-the potential for therapeutic exhaustion. Curr Opin Immunol 43:74-80.

McKinney EF, Smith KG.   |    2016       PubMed


T-cell exhaustion: understanding the interface of chronic viral and autoinflammatory diseases. Immunol Cell Biol 94:935-942.

McKinney EF, Smith KG.   |    2016    |    PubMed


The Contribution of Transcriptomics to Biomarker Development in Systemic Vasculitis and SLE. Curr Pharm Des 21:2225-2235.

Flint SM, McKinney EF, Lyons PA, Smith KG.   |    2015    |    PubMed


T-cell exhaustion, co-stimulation and clinical outcome in autoimmunity and infection. Nature 523:612-616.

McKinney EF, Lee JC, Jayne DR, Lyons PA, Smith KG.   |    2015    |    PubMed


Human SNP links differential outcomes in inflammatory and infectious disease to a FOXO3-regulated pathway. Cell 155:57-69.

Lee JC, Espeli M, Anderson CA, Linterman MA, Pocock JM, Williams NJ, Roberts R, Viatte S, Fu B, Peshu N, Hien TT, Phu NH, Wesley E, Edwards C, Ahmad T, Mansfield JC, Gearry R, Dunstan S, Williams TN, Barton A, Vinuesa CG, Consortium UIG, Parkes M, Lyons PA, Smith KG.   |    2013    |    PubMed


Gene expression profiling of CD8+ T cells predicts prognosis in patients with Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis. J Clin Invest 121:4170-4179.

Lee JC, Lyons PA, McKinney EF, Sowerby JM, Carr EJ, Bredin F, Rickman HM, Ratlamwala H, Hatton A, Rayner TF, Parkes M, Smith KG.   |    2011    |    PubMed


Novel expression signatures identified by transcriptional analysis of separated leucocyte subsets in systemic lupus erythematosus and vasculitis. Ann Rheum Dis 69:1208-1213.

Lyons PA, McKinney EF, Rayner TF, Hatton A, Woffendin HB, Koukoulaki M, Freeman TC, Jayne DR, Chaudhry AN, Smith KG.   |    2010    |    PubMed


A CD8+ T cell transcription signature predicts prognosis in autoimmune disease. Nat Med 16:586-591, 581p following 591.

McKinney EF, Lyons PA, Carr EJ, Hollis JL, Jayne DR, Willcocks LC, Koukoulaki M, Brazma A, Jovanovic V, Kemeny DM, Pollard AJ, Macary PA, Chaudhry AN, Smith KG.   |    2010    |    PubMed


Microarray analysis of human leucocyte subsets: the advantages of positive selection and rapid purification. BMC Genomics 8:64.

Lyons PA, Koukoulaki M, Hatton A, Doggett K, Woffendin HB, Chaudhry AN, Smith KG.   |    2007    |    PubMed




Immunology: T-cell exhaustion limits immune reactivity and is associated with good prognosis in autoimmune disease.

Carney EF.   |    2015    |    Nat Rev Rheumatol 11:501


Literature Watch: Implications for transplantation. American Journal of Transplantation 15:2535.

Ford ML.   |    2015    |    PubMed


Autoimmunity: Benefits of exhaustion.

Leavy O.   |    2015    |    Nat Rev Immunol 15:468


Signatures of CD4 T-cell help and CD8 exhaustion predict clinical outcome in autoimmunity, infection, and vaccination.

McKinney EF, Lee J, Lyons PA, Rayner TF, Carr EJ, Hatton A, Jayne DRW, Willcocks LC, Chaudhry AN, Smith KGC.   |    2013    |    The Lancet 381:S74