PredictSURE IBD is now available to order in the United States from KSL Diagnostics

Enabling Better

Treatment of IBD

Prognostic test for IBD patients

Stratifies adult patients by risk of frequently relapsing disease

Based on a whole blood gene expression signature

Early testing aids optimal treatment choice

Test Overview

RT-qPCR test on RNA extracted from whole blood samples

Utilises gene expression data to generate a risk category that correlates with a patient’s risk of experiencing a frequently relapsing disease course

Indicated for use in adult (16 years or older) female and male IBD patients with active disease

Not recommended for use in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy

CE marked

Right Patient

  • PredictSURE IBD stratifies patients based on their risk of experiencing early and frequent relapses

Right Treatment

  • Low-risk patients may benefit from less aggressive treatment
  • High-risk patients may benefit from early aggressive therapy

Right Time

  • Optimum treatment pathway can be commenced early
helping to deliver

Rapid Results in a Simple Format

  • PredictSURE IBD test results are processed by our clinical lab partners using a secure cloud-based portal
  • Data from the PredictSURE IBD assay is uploaded to the PredictSURE IBD portal
  • Our proprietary algorithm then stratifies patients into high-risk and low-risk subgroups, generating a unique report for each patient

Kate, a patient who has been living with Crohn’s Disease for several years

“Crohn’s has always been a disease that’s constantly trying to gain ground. In the years after my diagnosis, failing my way through drugs of varying strength, I lost ground that I might never have had to give up if the people in charge of my care had a tool that allowed them to see a clearer picture of what I needed to stay well”.

“Potentially a game changer in the treatment of IBD”