PredictImmune co-founder to present T-Cell Exhaustion, Co-Stimulation and Clinical Outcome in Autoimmunity and Infection at Keystone Symposia, USA

Cambridge, UK, 3rd January 2019: Professor Kenneth Smith, one of PredictImmune’s founders and Head of the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge, will present at an upcoming Keystone Symposia in the United States in January. The overall goal of this conference is to bring together world-class investigators and clinicians to discuss the latest scientific knowledge relevant to the pathogenesis of IBD and facilitate an interactive discussion to accelerate development of new opportunities to prevent and/or treat IBD.

Keystone Symposia: Host and the Environment in IBD: Scientific Advances Leading to New Therapeutics (A2) : January 13—17, 2019, Sagebrush Inn & Suites, Taos, New Mexico, USA

Professor Ken Smith will present during the “The Mucosal Immune System in IBD—Adaptive Immunity” session on Tuesday 15th January from 17:00. This is an excellent opportunity to understand the role that T-cell exhaustion plays in long-term outcomes in IBD and other auto-immune and immune-mediated diseases. Professor Smith will talk about his team’s research in this area and how it provides the foundation for the development of biomarker-based prognostic tests in IBD and other diseases. You can read more information on the symposium and speakers by clicking here.

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