PredictImmune attending and presenting the 15th Congress of ECCO in Vienna, Austria

Booth 29
FEBRUARY 12-15, 2020,

Cambridge, UK, 30th January 2020:  PredictImmune will be attending this years ECCO conference, providing a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about gaining access to their game-changing prognostic test for IBD –  PredictSURE IBD™.  As well as meeting Predictimmune at their stand, you can learn about recent developments by attending their two poster sessions:

Location: Hall C – Poster exhibition, Friday 14th February, 12:30 – 13:30

Both Paul and Karen will also be at booth #28 along with Dr James Clark, the Companies CTO and look forward to talking to you over the course of the conference.

If you would like to pre-arrange a time to talk, please email Paul (, Karen (, or James ( ahead of time.  Otherwise we look forward to meeting you in Vienna.

ECCO President, Silvio Danese.

 ‘Our ECCO Congress has become the leading world congress for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases with over 8000 attendees from more than 87 different countries. The 15th Congress will be held on February 12-15, 2020 in Vienna, Austria. 2020 is a crucial year to look back to the major achievements in research and clinical care, and strategically rethink the future of IBD for our patients.

The theme of the programme is “IBD beyond 2020”, and the organizing committee has planned a fantastic programme. Major themes will tackle hot debates such as the future of TNF treatment, the challenge of using surgery before medical therapy, and novel tools to monitor disease activity. In addition, sessions will focus on better patient stratification at the molecular level as well as strategies to reduce disease burden.’

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