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Access PredictSURE IBD™?

Patients cannot order a test directly, please speak to your clinician about getting a test.

PredictSURE IBD™ is only available to clinicians in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, where it can be ordered from East Genomic Laboratory Hub (Addenbrookes). See below to learn how to order PredictSURE IBD™ and take the first step towards personalised medicine in IBD.

Contact Details

Ensure that you send one original, fully completed and signed copy of the order form along with your patient’s blood sample to the address below. Photocopies not accepted. 


East Midlands and East of England Genomic Laboratory Hub,
Box 143,
ATC Level 6,
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
Hills Road,
Cambridge CB2 0QQ,
United Kingdom

Tel: 01223 348866

PAXgene RNA Tube starter kit

If you do not have any PAXgene RNA tubes, then we will happily send you a starter kit so that you can begin using PredictSURE IBD™ straight away. Please contact us by email or telephone (see below).*


or call +44 (0) 1223 804195

*limited to two per new customer

Useful Information

Information leaflets for Patients & Clinicians

These leaflets provide the information clinicians and your patients need to understand the new prognostic test. Simply download and print as many copies as you need.

For Patients:

For Clinicians:

Information for patients

Information for clinicians

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