Investors and Partners

PredictImmune works with great companies. Their belief and investments help drive research to the next level. PredictImmune was founded in May 2017 supported by a Series A equity financing of £4.7m from Parkwalk Opportunities Fund, Cambridge Enterprise and Wren Capital.

In January 2018 the Company secured an additional £4.3m programme-related investment from the Wellcome Trust to support a multi-centre clinical trial of its prognostic biomarker test for treatment guidance in Crohn’s disease. The study is sponsored by Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Cambridge University ( The Company intends to raise further equity capital to support international commercialisation of its products from its current and other investors during 2019.


Parkwalk Opportunities Fund

The Parkwalk Opportunities Fund seeks to generate multiple returns by investing across a portfolio of companies whose proprietary IP or know-how originated from UK R&D-intensive institutions and Universities. Parkwalk’s current portfolio consists of over 75 companies, which have raised in excess of £600m of funding between them since 2010. Over 600 patents protect their technology and processes.

Cambridge Enterprise

Cambridge Enterprise was formed by the University of Cambridge to help staff and students commercialise their expertise and ideas for the benefit of the global community. The Technology Transfer team works with researchers on ideas from their university research that have commercial potential. Through direct investment and networking facilitation, the Seed Funds team is able to support academics and students as they build teams and raise the finances needed to develop their ideas.

Wren Capital

Wren is an angel investor in science, engineering and software, founded in 2011. It has a portfolio of investments in 29 companies so far. Wren is well known in the early stage investment community and has co-invested with a wide range of both angel and institutional investors.

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome exists to improve health for everyone by helping great ideas to thrive. It is a global charitable foundation, both politically and financially independent. It supports scientists and researchers take on big problems, fuel imagination, and spark debate.

Our partners

PredictImmune values collaborative partnering to realise its vision of providing innovative diagnostic and prognostic solutions to physicians and patients in the area of immune-mediated diseases. Our collaborative network in inflammatory bowel diseases currently includes international clinical experts, leading academic researchers and several international diagnostic product supply chain organisations.

Academic and clinical collaboration

Wellcome Trust

Our prognostic test for Crohn’s disease was discovered and initially validated in the laboratory of our co-founders at Cambridge University Department of Medicine, led by Professor Ken Smith.

We are collaborating with Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Cambridge University, as co-sponsors of a prospective clinical trial using our prognostic test, entitled Predicting Outcomes for Crohn’s disease using a Molecular Biomarker, “PROFILE”. The study is supported by an investment in PredictImmune from the Wellcome Trust.

Pharmaceutical development collaboration

We seek to expand clinical experience using our IBD prognostic test to evaluate its use in guiding treatment using a range of biological immunomodulatory drugs. This will include established biologics such as anti-TNF monoclonal antibodies, more recently licensed medicines, and candidate drugs in clinical development.

For our pharma partners, the use of our test may aid clinical trial design and delivery, through helping to stratify patients and enriching for poor prognosis patients which will reduce trial size and costs. Ultimately, patients that are likely to have poorer responses to traditional first line therapies will be offered more aggressive early intervention with state-of-the art medicines.