Compelling Clinical Validation Data

James Lee presents the data from the recent Gut publication

We have put together some helpful video responses to our most frequently asked questions. Please browse these videos below to find the answer to your question.

How does a prognostic test help gastroenterologists and how would they use it?

What’s the best time to test IBD patients with PredictSURE IBD™?

Is the follow up date for this study long enough to really predict long-term outcomes?

What are the benefits to the patients of knowing whether they’re high or low risk?

Can you explain how the test can work in both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis?

What is T Cell Exhaustion?

Who gets T Cell Exhaustion?

What is a biomarker?

What is the difference between predictive and prognostic biomarkers?

How do you see biomarkers being used in the future?

What is personalised medicine?

Is personalised medicine really going to be deliverable in the future?