Pioneering Tools for Guiding Treatment Options

Our Mission

To provide tools to guide physicians in the treatment of patients with immune-mediated disease, through prediction of long term clinical prognosis.

Why Prediction Matters

Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), vasculitis and lupus (SLE) are common, chronic and incurable.

In addition, at diagnosis, there is currently no way of knowing whether a patient is likely to experience a severe, relapsing form of the disease or a more quiescent and easier to manage pathway. The ability to stratify patients at the point of diagnosis will identify patients who may benefit from first line treatment with state-of-the-art (biologics) anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Specialist physicians see a need for a prognostic test

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Specialist physicians would use a test to predict outcomes

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Reduction in treatment associated costs (based on UK Data)

The PredictImmune Solution


PredictImmune is developing pioneering tools for guiding treatment options in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases with the first product addressing IBD (both Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis).

Based on world-leading research at Cambridge University, UK, we are developing a simple lab test, using a small blood sample, which accurately identifies patients at diagnosis who are at risk of experiencing severe, relapsing disease. These patients are likely to benefit from early biologics therapy. Physicians, patients and payors all recognise the value of such an approach to the management of inflammatory bowel disease.



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PredictImmune develops pioneering tools for guiding treatment options in immune mediated diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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